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Lang. Articles by Blackkdark
Here's some informative articles and alphabets written by Blackkdark. Just scroll down to the Artist's Comments box and click on the link provided then download to view PDF. Enjoy!
1. Early European Alphabets
2. Is Middle English a Creole?
3. The Danish Vowel Shift
4. Danish Vowel Shift Appendix
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Spanish Deviations/Translations
Swedish Deviations/Translations
Tagalog Deviations/Translations
Turkish Deviations/Translations
Welsh Deviations/Translations
Deviations on Culture and Religion
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Latin Lesson 1 by yunaresuka
See preview for lesson.
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Latin Lesson 1 by cedrus
Please see preview image for lesson. Enjoy!
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Hungarian Grammar 2 by Genun
Hungarian grammar lesson 2 - Hungarian pronouns
Magyar nyelvtani lecke 2 - Magyar névmások

1. Személyes névmások - Subject Pronouns
Én - Me/I
Te - You
Ő - He/She/It
Mi - We
Ti - You all
Ők - They
Note: in hungarian sentences, we mostly 'hide' the subject in the predicate. For example:
I take the ball. Megfogom a labdát.
You take the ball. Megfogod a labdát.
He/She/It takes the ball. Megfogja a labdát.
We take the ball. Megfogjuk a labdát.
You all take the ball. Megfogjátok a labdát.
They take the ball. Megfogják a labdát.
You can say the sentence like this too:
I take the ball. Én megfogom a labdát.
but it isn't that comfortable to the hungarian ear, but of course we still understand it perfectly.
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Turkish Grammar Lesson
this will be quite a weird way to start a grammar lesson with, but you cannot believe how many times i've been asked the very same question so i'll have to clear this point: turkish has no connection with the arabic alphabet! it uses latin alphabet. there are some words taken from arabic as well as persian due to historical and geographic closeness but i can assure you that the quantity of those words is no bigger than that of the words taken from languages such as french or greek. so PLEASE don't go and demand the version of your name written in arabic letters from a turk! i don't know, do something, go find an arab!
having put that aside, i can start giving some general info about turkish. it's the official language of turkey and is spoken by about 70 million citizens. it's also spoken in the north cyprus and can be heard in various european countries where turks live, especially in germany. the history of the language dates long ago and different variations of it is spoken in asian
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Hungarian Alphabet
HUNGARIAN GRAMMAR LESSON - Alphabet and Pronunciation
The following are pronounced and written as in English:
b, d, f, g, h, k, l, m, n, p, r, t, v, z
g is always hard as in 'gun', never soft as in 'gem'
r is rolled off the tongue, though not really trilled
t is pronounced with the tongue touching the back of the teeth (dental)
The following consonants are pronounced and/or spelled differently than
in English, and require special attention:
c is pronounced like the ts in 'bats'
cs is the English ch as in 'check'
gy is one sound pronounced like dy, or the d in 'adulation'
j, ly are both pronounced as y like 'yes'
ny is pronounced like the Spanish ń and like the ni in the English word 'onio
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Hungarian Lesson by hungarians
HUNGARIAN GRAMMAR LESSON 1. - Greetings and Expressions
Good morning!
Jó reggelt (kívánok)!
Hello! (formal, literally 'good day')
Jó napot (kívánok)!
Good evening!
Jó estét (kívánok)!
Good night!
Jó éjszakát (kívánok)!
Note: the above expression are both formal and informal. The kívánok is optional and slightly more formal. With kívánok, the expressions mean 'I wish you good morning', etc...
Goodbye! / Hello!
f:  A viszontlátásra
if: Szervusz (Szervusztok to more than one person)
if: Szia (Sziasztok to more than one person)
How are you?
f:  Hogy van?
if: Hogy vagy?
Note: When you ask Hogy vagy? in Hungarian, you are really asking how they are, unlike in English where 'how are you' is a polite greeting. A good answer to the question would be: Jól vagyok, 'I am fine (well)'.
What is your name?
f:  Hogy hívják (
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German Lesson 1 by Narfmaster
German In Translation
**Helped by snarfmaster :)**
By *Narfmaster
Translation: Guten-Tag
Pronunciation: Goo-ten Targ
How are you?
Translation: Sind Sie gut?
Pronunciation: Sind sea gute?
What is your name?
Translation: Was ist Ihr Name?
Pronunciation: Vass ist ear nar-mer?
My name is...
Translation: Mein name ist Alex
Pronunciation: Mine nah-mer ist Alex
Where are you from?
Translation: Woher kommen Sie?
Pronunciation: Vohair kommen sea?
Could you help me please?
Translation: Können Sie mir helfen?
Pronunciation: Connon sea meer helfen?
Translation: Bitte
Pronunciation: Bitter
Thank you.
Translation: Danke (Very much: Sehr)
Pronunciation: Dank-er (sair)
You're welcome.
Translation: Kein Problem
Pronunciation: Kine problem
Excuse me.
Translation: Entschuldigung
Pronunciation: Enshuld
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English Pronoun Lesson by BD
Okay, pronouns. This is rather easy in English.
Basic Subject Pronouns are split into different sections. There are three persons and two for numbers.
First person, singular, is I. First person plural is We.
Second person singular and plural is You.
Third person singular is He, She, It. They is the plural for all three.
(note there are other pronouns for third person, such as That, or This.)
Now for object pronouns, (objects of verbs or prepositions):
1st person singular: Me. 1st person plural: Us.
2nd person singular and plural: You
3rd person sing: Him, Her, It. 3rd person plural: Them.
Chart form0
person -Singular -Plural
S O S O stands for Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns
(Subject Object Subject Object)  *The following information is
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Turkish Lesson 1 by gocccce
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Lithuanian Lesson byElemmirien
C with arc above = C
U with line above = U
E with dot above = E
A with comma on bottom right side = A
There is no such sound in the English language as the Lithuanian 'e', therefore the closest pronunciation would be prolonged 'e' – [e:] Coucher (to lay)
*translation – Labas
*pronunciation – [LA:bas]
How are you?
*translation – Kaip sekasi?
*pronunciation – [kaip SE:kasi]
What is your name?
*translation – Koks tavo vardas?
*pronunciation – [koks TAvo VARdas]
My name is...
*translation – Mano vardas…
*pronunciation – [MAno VARdas]
Where are you from?
*translation – Iš kur tu?
*pronunciation – ish [kur tu]
Could you help me please?
*translation – Gal galetum man padeti?
*pronunciation – [ga:l gaLE:tum man pade:ti]
*translation – Prašau
*pronunciation – [pra]sh[au]
Thank you.
*translation – Aciu
*pronunciation – [A]ch[iu]
You're welcome.
*translation – Nera už
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English Grammar Lesson 1
There is only one definite article in English: "The"
The indefinite is: "A" (or "an" if in front of a word with a vowel).
The rule for capitals is proper nouns take a capital as well as the first letter of a sentence.
Genitive or Possessive:
There is a genitive in English, though we call it possessive. However the noun that is being possessed attaches an "'s" to the end and is treated like an adjective.
Example: The child's eyes = The eyes of the child.
Note that if the noun's plural ends with an "s" add an apostrophe only.
Ex: The parents' view = The view of the parents.
Regular nouns add an "s" to the singular.
Parent = Parents
There are many irregular ones.
Child = Children
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Russian Lesson 1 by defelite
As with a few other languages, Russian does not have the european alphabet, but operates under cyrillic. For the purposes of this tutorial I will use the european letters, though it will not be the /official/ spelling for Russian words. Partly because it's too flipping hard to find it.
These pronunciations include the syllable that should be under stress when spoken. It is underlined. What I mean by, "under stress", is when you speak you put an emphasis on a certain letter or syllable to make the word make sense. Such as the word TELEVISION. We put the emphasis on the first syllable "TE". If we put the emphasis somewhere else, such as "SI", and view the word as televiSIon, the word seems slightly distorted. Even though this is not as apparent in the English language, it is crucial in Russian.
Formal: meaning in use with those you don't know, adults and guests, etc.
Informal: meaning in use with family members, friends, etc.
((The E sound in the pronunciations is usually as pronou
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French Lesson 1 by Narfmaster
French In Translation
By *Narfmaster
Translation: Bonjour! (Polite) | Salut! (Informal)
Pronunciation: Bour-jeur (Poilte) | Salloo (Informal)
How are you?
Translation: Ca va?
Pronunciation: Sa va?
What is your name?
Translation: Comment tu t'appelles?
Pronunciation: Commont too tappelles
My name is...
Translation: Je m'appelle Alex
Pronunciation: Jeh mappell Alex
Where are you from?
Translation: Oů est-ce que vous ętes ?
Pronunciation: Oo est-se keh voos ehtes?
Could you help me please?
Translation: Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il VOUS plaît?
Pronunciation: Poo-vay voo maid see voos plais?
Translation: S'il vous plaît (Formal) S'il te plaît (Informal)
Pronunciation: Sil voos play (Formal) Sil teh play
Thank you.
Translation: Merci!
Pronunciation: Mehr-sea
You're welcome.
Translation: Vous ętes bienvenu.
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Hiligaynon Lesson 1 by bayen
How are you?
*Kamusta ka?
*Ka-moose-ta kah?
What is your name?
*Sino ngalan mo?
*Sin-oh nga-lahn mo?
My name is...
*Ang ngalan ko ay si...
*Ang nga-lahn koh eye see...
Where are you from?
*Taga-diin ka?
*Tah-gah-dee-inn kah?
Could you help me please?
*Pwede mo ko mabuligan?
*Puede moh koh ma-boo-lee-gun
Thank you.
*Salamat guid
*Sa-la-mat geed.
You're welcome.
*No translation for these words
*(usually Hiligaynons would say, "okay lang ah!")
Excuse me.
*labay lang kung tani
*labay lang koong tani
*Lakat na ko (literary, I'm going now)
*Lah-cat na koo
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Featured Poem by robertofacotilo

Maltese version: Prison Cell

Il-ħin għalija waqaf.
Il-pendlum ma jimxix aktar.
L-arloġġ ma jaħdimx akatr.
Il-markijiet fuq il-ħajt huma wisq.
Ma nafx x’ħin hu f’din iċ-ċella.
M’hawx twieqi, m’hawx kalendarji
M’għandix mezz kif inkun naf.
Imsakkar hawn mingħajr ħtija.
Ġ din iċ-ċella.
M’hawnx minfejn nista’ noħroġ.
Ma nistax nieħu nifs.
Ma nistax niekol.
Imma nibqa’ hawn mingħajr ħajja.
Nisteni sakemm tieqaf.
Nistena sakemm imut.
Ninjora ir-raġel li jiġi bil-ikel
Neħħi l-ilma min-nofs.
Il-biċċiet tal-fuħħar kullimkien ma’ l-art.
Naqbad biċċa u nimarka il-ħajt.
Żied ġurnata oħra.
Hext ġurnata oħra.
Ġurnata oħra li nixtieq qatt ma sheet.
Nerġa naqa’ ma’ l-art.
Nerġa niċċasa lejn is-saqqaf.
Nagħti merħba lid-dlam.
Fl-aħħar, temmet.
Issa nista’ nistrieh.

English version

Time has stopped for me.
The pendulum no longer swings.
My clock no longer rhythmically ticks.
The markings on my wall are endless.
I’ve lost track of time in this Cell.
Is it day?
Is it night?
No windows, no calendars
No way to tell.
Stuck her mercilessly.
Stuck in my Prison Cell.
There’s now way out of this Cell.
I can’t breathe anymore.
I can’t even eat.
I just lie lifeless.
I just wait for it to stop.
I just wait for life to end.
Ignore the jailer who comes with food.
Kick away the water.
Clay pieces scatter the floor.
Grab a piece and mark the wall.
One more day added.
One more day lived.
One more day I wish hadn’t happened.
Lie on the floor again.
Stare at the ceiling again.
Welcome the darkness that engulfs.
It’s finally over.
Now I can rest.

If you've sent in a poem and it hasn't been featured yet please let me know.



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